Troubleshooting FAQ

Unable to start Sboxr due to error:

Error #1:

Unable to start built-in HTTP and DOM sensor listener on port 3330 due to exception


This error is displayed when the ports used by Sboxr are already in use by another process. One likely reason could be that you have already started one instance of Sboxr and it is using these ports.

To resolve this, close all those instances and launch Sboxr again.

Error #2:

Unable to start Kestrel. System.IO.IOException: Failed to bind to address http://[::]:3333: address already in use


If any Sboxr'd Chrome instances opened in an earlier use of Sboxr are still active, then close them before launching Sboxr again.

If the problem persists then ensure that port number 3333 is unused on your machine.

Error #3:

Sboxr cannot proceed further because the Database couldn't be created


Sboxr will create a database to store all session data. This error indicates that it couldn't create this database due to access restrictions.

Check whether you have WRITE Permissions in the folder where the database is being created. By default it happens inside the same directory where all other Sboxr files are located. If you have selected a custom path for storing session data then you should check the permissions of that directory.

Unable to validate license due to error:

Error #1:

Sboxr Licensing Server is not reachable to validate your License


For validating your License, Sboxr will connect to its Licensing Server. The error indicates that the Licensing Server is not reachable.

Check your Connection Settings and ensure you have Internet Connectivity.

Errors on the command line in Linux:

Error #1:] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for failed err=-8179


The above error message might be displayed for Linux users for each domain they are visiting through Sboxr'd Chrome.

This is shown due to the SSL interception that Sboxr is doing. It does not affect Sboxr's functionality and can be safely ignored.