Viewing Issues

Viewing issues identified by Sboxr (refresh page to view from start)

Issues identified by Sboxr are shown in the console, these are put in to six different categories. The issues in each category can be viewed by clicking on the icon for that category.

The six categories of issues are:

The issues are rated in the following levels:


Highlighted in red and are considered to be likely to affect the security of the site in a significant way


Highlighted in yellow and are considered to be less significant in their impact and/or require special conditions to be exploited


Highlighted in blue and are considered to be interesting information that the tester can use to possibly identify some issues

Each issue has the following information:

  • Info: Basic details about the issues along with links for viewing further details if any

  • Issue Description: Detailed description about the issue for deeper understanding

  • Verification Advice: Advice for users on how to confirm if this issue is valid and can be a cause of concern

  • Remediation Advice: Advice for developers on the best way to mitigate the issue if it is found to be valid based on following the verification advice