Analyzing a Site

Analyzing (refresh page to view from start)

To analyze any website, you have to visit the site via a browser and must ensure that the traffic between the browser and the website goes through Sboxr.

To achieve this, click on the Launch browser automatically button on the Sboxr console page. This will open a new instance of Google Chrome that is configured to send its traffic through Sboxr. We will henceforth refer to this instance of Google Chrome as Sboxr'd Chrome.

This is the recommended approach for using Sboxr. Ensure Google Chrome is installed on your machine.

Using Sboxr'd chrome, visit the site you wish to analyze. Once you visit the home page you should see that Sboxr has captured some details about this site.

To capture traffic from the browser Sboxr runs a local HTTP proxy, the default port for this proxy is 3330. Although, it is not recommended, you can manually configure your browser to send its traffic through this proxy. Only Google Chrome is supported for this purpose.